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Doing business in Hong Kong is a right choice because it practices common laws to which most of the western countries or people are familiar with. Though the laws may be modified and it is subject to Basic Laws of Hong Kong, government of Hong Kong guarantees that the one country two systems shall survive and overcome the differences and difficulties. As such, the criminal, contract and tort laws shall be in place together with certain statutory provisions which shall govern the operation of commercial settings, trades and employment. Most of the Hong Kong people respect IP rights and pay attention to its value and contribution to the commercial environment. Hong Kongers know that it is extremely valuable for them to treasure IP rights such as copyright and patents. To certain extent, creativity, technology and marketing are working hands in hands so that more business and profits could be created, generated and maintained. The impact of the rules of laws, attractive business environment, languages, communication infrastructure and sincerity of people shall be the major elements for achieving the business goals and complete the task to the satisfactions of buyers or sellers.


Partner Solicitors

Michael P. SUN

Victor C.K. YAU

Gigi Y.C. MAK


Consultant Solicitors

Isabella W.H. CHAN

Stanley K.W. CHAN

Connie W.S. LO

Sylvia Y.C. HUNG


Associate Solicitor

Jacqueline W.Y. CHAN


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