Gigi Y. C. MAK


Gigi Y. C. MAK


Ms Gigi Mak is a founding partner of Yu Sun Yau Mak & Lawyers.  A practicing solicitor with about 20 years experience. She has experience and exposures in various areas of legal practices, covering Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Building and Construction disputes, Business and Commercial matters, Wills and Probate, Tenancy issues, Employment Law, Tort Law and Family Law.

Ms. Mak’s expertise is in Personal Injuries/ Employee’s Compensation claims and Matrimonial proceedings in addition to general litigation and employment matters. She has handled over several hundred of personal injuries cases and several hundred matrimonial cases respectively.

Ms. Mak was born in Hong Kong. With a strong interest in both Law and Psychology, Ms. Mak first obtained her undergraduate degree in psychology obtaining a Bachelor of Science (Hons) at University College, London. Thereafter, she went to Australia for her Master of Arts (in Psychology) and at the same time obtained her Bachelor of Laws.

She has worked in a land development company in Australia before returning to Hong Kong for her Postgraduate Certificate of Laws in 1997 and started her career in the legal profession. Ms. Mak has worked both in commercial sectors as in-house Legal Counsel for corporations and in private practice.  She is also a Civil Celebrant of Marriages.

In 2013, Ms. Mak, together with Mr. Yu Kim Fung, Mr. Sun Po and Mr. Yau Chi Keung, established Yu Sun Yau Mak & Lawyers.

In addition to her focus in legal practice, Ms. Mak also renders her time in voluntary services including participating in Duty Lawyer Service’s Free Legal Advice scheme and conducting community seminars and talks for elderlies and students. She is a School Manager of a secondary school and legal advisor for various associations. 


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