Yu Sun Yau Mak & Lawyers was established by the four founding partners in 2013:

  • Mr Yu Kim Fung, Kim

  • Mr. Sun Po, Michael

  • Mr. Yau Chi Keung, Victor

  • Ms. Mak Yin Chee, Gigi

They come together with a commitment of practicing law & setting up a law firm with Christian values.

Yu Sun Yau Mak & Lawyers has been developing well in general legal practice including:

  • Criminal & Civil litigation

  • Personal Injuries/Employees’ Compensation

  • Family law

  • China Attestation and Commercial Law

It has a total of 4 Partners, 8 Consultant solicitors, 2 Solicitors and 4 foreign lawyers (3 PRC, 1 UK).

Despite the competitive Hong Kong legal market, Yu Sun Yau Mak & Lawyers aspires to continue its development & growth in general legal practice with new dimensions, namely :

  • Mediation and/or Arbitration

  • Ancillary consultancy services 

  • Intellectual Capital / Knowledge Management

  • Compliance & policy formulation/review in One Belt One Road region

  • Tapping on its talents’ wide spectrum of expertise & well connected network in Greater China.

We continue to strive to deliver a reliable service and maintain a trusted brand to foster long-lasting solicitor and client relationships. 

—- Mr. Yu Kim Fung, Mr. Sun Po, Mr. Yau Chi Keung and Ms. Mak Yin Chee Gigi

Our Vision

“ We build our Ecclesia through legal practice ”

Our Mission

“ To provide quality legal services with the firm’s values for the betterment of Hong Kong, under the Basic Law & one country two system ”


“ Justice ”
“ Mercy ”
“ Humbleness ”


Family – Friendly Employers - Grand Award

  • Yu Sun Yau Mak was selected by the Family Council as “Family Friendly Employers Grand award 2013/2014”.  YSYM is committed to providing a work life balanced and family friendly environment to our employees in order to sustain an excellent customer service.

Caring Company

  • We care about our community, employees and clients; Yu Sun Yau Mak was recognized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) as one of the “Caring Company” in Hong Kong.

Grand Celebration Yu Sun Yau Mak & Lawyers 6th Anniversary

  • Yu Sun Yau Mak regularly organizes activities to promote better collaboration and to recognize good work; for example we celebrated our 6th Anniversary by hosting a dinner at a Hotel to thank our clients, stakeholders and employees.

Yu Sun Yau Mak & Lawyers



Main Office:

Branch Office:


  2111 2271 / 3611 7351   (ENG & CHI)
  3611 7350   (Others)

  1/F, Chiu Lung Building, 15-25 Chiu Lung
  Street, Central, Hong Kong

  Room 11A, Harbour Commercial Building
  Nos. 122-124 Connaught Road Central,
  Hong Kong