Wills and Probate

We have extensive experience to render professional advice and assistance to you in planning the disposal of their personal assets. The service we provide will ensure that your assets could be used in a way that best accords with your intention and properly provide for the welfare of those entitled to your assets.


As probate application is a legal process, it is advisable to retain a solicitor to deal with the probate application for you and to provide you professional legal advice. Any mistakes in the process of applying probate may cause unnecessary delay on your application and hence administration of the assets.



Partner Solicitors

Kim K.F. YU

Victor C.K. YAU

Gigi Y.C. MAK


Consultant Solicitors

Daphne T.Y. NG-QUINN

Isabella W.H. CHAN

Stanley K.W. CHAN

Sylvia Y.C. HUNG

Abigail M.K. LIM


Associate Solicitor

Jacqueline W.Y. CHAN


Foreign Lawyer (PRC)

W. C. LI (PRC)

Yu Sun Yau Mak & Lawyers



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