Personal Injuries and Employee Compensation

Legal proceedings regarding personal injuries can be stressful at times, as not only physical damage is involved, but it may also concern psychiatric damage, which potentially resulting in a prolonged impact on one’s life. Yu Sun Yau Mak & Lawyers (“YSYM”) is experienced in providing in-depth advice and assistance on matters related to employee compensations, personal injury claims and negligence claims. We strive to ensure an efficient and satisfactory process when handling personal injury and employee compensation litigations.


Partner Solicitors

Kim K.F. YU

Michael P. SUN

Gigi Y.C. MAK


Consultant Solicitors

Isabella W.H. CHAN

Scarlet H.Y. FUNG TSAO

Benny S.M. HO


Associate Solicitor

Jacqueline W.Y. CHAN


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